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As you know there are not many homes FOR SALE. The best deals and discounted homes rarely make it onto websites and many sell before they are listed with an agent. 

Our VIP Home Finder Service is FREE OF CHARGE and enables you to look at properties that are not yet on the market. 

Our exclusive VIP Home Finder system helps Buyers find the PERFECT home. Simply tell us exactly what your're looking for and we will find it. 

We invest the time and marketing dollars to specifically target the neighbourhoods you are interested in to find you the perfect home, including homes that are not yet listed for sale or available to the public. 

This means you'll know about these unlisted homes before other buyers allowing you to negotiate the best price possible. 



1. We are experts at finding listed and unlisted homes that match our buyers criteria. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will find it. We will invest the money and time to make it happen. 

2. We will invest our marketing dollars to specifically target the market neighbourhoods your are interested in to find you the perfect home. 

3. When we find a homeowner who may consider a sale (but not yet on the market) we will inspect the home to ensure it matches your criteria. 

4. If we feel the property is a match we will set up a private viewing for you, and if you love it, and decide to make an offer, we would negotiate on your best behalf at no charge. 

5. Once the offer on your new home is accepted, we can help you sell your existing home. 


Hands down, the best real estate agent in Oxford County!

Three years ago we bought our first home with Gary and just sold it with him as well. Honestly, the amount of effort that goes in from the team is amazing. Gary & Mike were extremely flexible, we would find a house and view it the same evening. But also, the girls in the office are so kind and happy to help. Especially Bre, she was always so friendly and happy to answer so many questions about different listings.

Following a few months of looking at homes and putting in multiple offers, we decided to sign up to be a part of the VIP Home Finder Service, (which by the way, highly recommend.) The team went above and beyond to find us our dream home. We put an offer in on a place they found that was a private sale, we got a 1.4 acre home in the middle of forest and fields, for $25,000 below asking price with a condition. I am still in awe at how we landed the place for the price we did.

The following day, Gary was at our house and had our home on the market the following day. We had two offers within 24 hours of posting, and sold our home 50,000 above asking. His marketing is above and beyond and the dedication of the team 20/10.

Will definitely be a lifelong client!


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